E-Learning Modules


Medico Abroad e-Learning Delivery Platform is a secure, hosted learning management system (LMS) for delivering SCORM/AICC conformant content, tracking learner progress and providing management reports.

Its fully featured administration interface incorporates:

  • Audience Management
  • Delivery and tracking of e-learning content.
  • Management reports
  • Classroom event booking and record-keeping
  • Surveys

Automated and ad-hoc email communication with learners

Administrators can create personalized learning portals on e-Learning Delivery Platform for individuals based on pre-defined attributes (e.g. department, job role), assign online and classroom courses, automated chaser emails, post-course surveys and generate comprehensive management information reports.

 GENERAL OBJECTIVES                                                               TOP

The project aims to achieve the university’s strategic goals related to e-learning.

  • Enable faculty members to develop the use of re-use modules sharing.
  • Contribute to the transition to e-University.
  • Reduce the time period for the development of courses.
  • Support and assist faculty to develop courses.
  • Provide sources and support for the faculty members to develop their courses.
  • Provide services and integrated solutions in the development of courses.
  • Availability of content through the educational repository.
  • Provide advisory services and studies related to the objectives of the university project.
  • Provide an environment and mechanism to develop the content of e-courses economically by using principles of electronic modules.
  • Encourage teamwork in the development of courses.
  • Quality assurance through evaluation and continuous adjustment of the e-courses.
  • Contribute to raising the quality of university outputs.
  • Provide high quality and ready modules.
  • Increase and enrich the content of the Arabic materials in the web.
  • Record lectures and make them available in electronic form.
  • Open courses web design that contributes to raising the global assessment of the university

BUSINESS OBJECTIVES:                                                           TOP

By the end of each course, the audience should be able to:

  • Predict the need for Discussion, participation, consensus and teamwork
  • Illustrate the need for experimentation, and individual initiative
  • Distinguish areas of need for consensus and individual initiative
  • Demonstrate the need for information management
  • Establish the need for standardized decision making
  • Inspect the readiness for adaptation and communication
  • Question the clarity of goals
  • Display the need for direction, decisiveness and planning


For this course, Medico Abroad will use an Interactive Story-Based approach to achieve answers to posed questions. Before the story is started, each module would start with a set of Learning Objectives being set for the animation. The story will set context for the learning and act as a motivating factor for the learner. There will be learning checks integrated with the story for the purpose of reinforcing presented knowledge.

The storyline for this approach will have a central character and supporting characters. Learning will be driven by dialogue between the learner and the characters to facilitate interaction. The concept of Comparison will be used to explain the details discussed through learner interaction.

The course will be audio driven and the content will be in content bytes that the learner can easily grasp. The tone of the course will be formal with the learner being addressed in first person.

Story Based Approach:                                                               TOP

Using a story-based approach enables learners to view content in a real life context. Finally, integrating a high-level of interactivity with the storyline will help the learner to:

  • Engage with the content
  • Interact with the content
  • Assimilate content to create a mind map of concepts

Storyline:                                                                                         TOP

The story involves characters with certain roles and responsibilities. The lesson will be laced with stories involving characters the target audience will identify themselves with. The storyline progresses with the contents of the lesson and sets expectations of the courseware that will be administered.

Target Audience:                                                                            TOP

  • The course targets huge number of students.
  • Using the course in different Schools / colleges
  • The course spreads between different people within the university

Content Flow:

This lesson will take parallels from Sun Tzu’s “Art of War”. As we draw parallels from the Art of War, the course will be modelled to show the position of an organization as it takes a stance with varying degrees of competing values that determine an organization’s effectiveness.

The course will be interspersed with scenarios that evoke interest of the learners, and the scenarios will include brain-teasers, built around likely day – to – day scenarios, that will give them a sense of belonging.

Demo:                                                                                          TOP

                     click here>>>[+] View Demo


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