Vitebsk State Medical University


Vitebsk is one of the biggest cities of the republic and is situated in the north-east part of Belarus . It is 281 km away from Minsk . It is an ancient city which was founded in 974. About 400 thousand people live here.

The city is surrounded by Lakes, beautiful gardens & country side. Vitebsk is located on the bank of one of the largest European rivers – the Western Dvina . Picturesque neighborhood of Vitebsk and its ancient streets was always attractive for painters.

The climate of the region varies from cold winters, cool and moist summers; transitional between continental and maritime

Vitebsk today is a major industrial, scientific and cultural center of the republic Belarus . There are a number of museums, art galleries and Drama Theatre in the city. Vitebsk is famous for a house-museum of the world famous Artist Mark Chagal and the International Cultural Art Festival “Slavyanski Bazar”.

Vitebsk is also a city of students. It consists of the Medical University , Pedagogical University , Veterinary Science University & Technical University .

Two trans European trains crosses the region Paris-Moscow, Helsinki-Vitebsk-Gomel-Kiev-Ploudiv.


Vitebsk State Medical University was established in 1934.

In 1940, Medical faculty was opened with 32 theoretical and clinical departments.

1981 teaching foreign students in Medicine & Pharmaceuticals faculties started.

In 1984 the Faculty for Advanced Specialization in General Medicine was established.

In 1999, for the experience in training physicians for Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America, Vitebsk State Medical Institute was awarded with the Medal of Peoples Friendship by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet Union.

The same year it was accredited to University status.

Vitebsk State Medical University is ranked very high among the former USSR medical educational establishments. It has highest number of foreign students from all over the world, which makes it an international educational institution.

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At present there are 7 Faculties, 53 Departments, Central Scientific Research Laboratory, Scientific Medical Informational Department, Educational and Methodical Informational Centre and Library.
There are 13 Scientific Academic schools at the university both on medical-biological, Clinical and Pharmaceutical disciplines.

The educational process is carried out in 60 departments, which are staffed by more than 60 Professors, 185 Associate Professors, 60 Doctors of Medicine and 178 Masters of Science.

The University is well provided with facilities for teaching and learning. There are an excellent library and museum, computer and laboratory facilities, modern equipment, free access to the professional information resources in the Internet, CD-ROM medical database for students, researchers, physicians and pharmacists.

There are 5 Computer Classes, 19 Video Classes & 1 Multimedia Laboratory at the University.

The Clinical classes are conducted in 28 well equipped therapeutic and surgical clinics. The various hospitals working under the university have more than 6000 beds.


Students registering at University’s Medical Office are offered with full range of services free of charge throughout the year.

Two trans European trains cross the region Paris-Moscow, Helsinki-Vitebsk-Gomel-Kiev-Ploudiv.

The University is situated in the city center. A lot of University Departments are located here, together with library, electronic library, Internet center, sport halls, cafes etc.

The availability of public transport is another great advantage of the University. Bus and trolley bus stations are just outside the University, giving easy access to the rest of the student accommodations and other clinical bases of the University, which are situated all over the city.

The Tuition fee covers all the costs of education (lectures, practical courses, examinations etc).

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