Crimea State Medical University


Crimea State Medical University is in the city of Simferofol in the state of Crimea in the republic of Ukraine. The city Simferofol have decidedly more Western air is close to the sea-side, which has a world class beach is only 40 minutes drive from the city is the administrative center of Crimea. Crimea is also one of the warmest places in Ukraine and Europe with an average temperature of +2 to +8 in winter and +20 to +30 in summer.

Crimea is a peninsula in Ukraine, an autonomous republic of the country. It is connected with the main land to the north by the narrow isthmus of Perekop. The total land area of the Crimea is 27,000 sq. km. The average population of Crimea is 4 million, of which 450,000 live in simferopol. The ethnic background of most is Ukrainian, ethnic Russians, Byelorussians, Jews, Moldavians, Hungarians Greeks and others. Ukrainians are often seen as both more reserved and more refined. Crimea is a favorite tourist center for the Europeans and Russians.


The Crimean State Medical University is of the oldest and leading medical higher institutions of Ukraine and the former USSR; it was founded in 1931. The University is situated in Simferopol, the geographical and administrative center of the Crimean peninsula. For 70 years it was changed in to one of the leading medical Universities in Ukraine. In 1996 it got the status of Medical University. Now it is one of the leading state assisted institutions in Ukraine. It is fully accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education of the Health Ministry of Ukraine and Ministry of Education. This accreditation requires periodic review in accord with the Health Ministry’s policies and international standards.

The University has become the major hub of training medical specialists for Ukraine and foreign countries. Over 25 thousand medical doctors of various specialities have been trained, including about 2.5 thousand for 60 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. 1600 thesis’s for the degrees of Doctors and Candidates of medical sciences in different fields of medicine of various specialties were defended during this period.


The Medical faculty provides a 6-years curriculum for becoming a physician to gain Doctor of Medicine degree. The Dentistry faculty is a 5-years learning curriculum, leading to the degree of Doctor of Dentistry. The duration of training at the pediatrics specialty is 6-years.

University has its preparatory courses (Russian language course) and medical collage where nurses and dentists are taught. The duration of the preparatory course is one year.

The University comprises at 61 departments of 4 schools, a medical school, medical/biological lyceum, laboratories, post graduation department, research/science and banking divisions. Clinical departments of the University are located on the basis of many special city and republic hospitals, which allows future doctors to get practical skills and develop clinical thinking during student days. At present the total number of staff members are 600: among them are 98 Doctors of medicine, 80 professors, 140 assistant professors and 291 candidates of medicine.


The University has 4 libraries. One of these libraries is a regional medical library, located at the city center housing more than 500,000 copies of different literature.. It has a considerable fund of home and foreign periodicals, author’s abstracts and dissertations, a great number of reference and bibliographical literature. Every year about 19 thousand new books come into the library, 460 home and foreign journals are subscribed.

Most foreign students trained at Crimean State Medical University named after S. I. Georgievsky stay in comfortable hostels in the campus.

Students who have just arrived are settled in Hostel No.2 on the territory of the University itself. Here during the first year of studies the students are adapted to life in Ukraine. On the ground floor of the same building there are classrooms of the preparatory faculty. The rooms in this hostel are for three or four persons. There is a shower room, two kitchens, a classroom on every floor. There are also several students’ canteens and cafes on the territory of the University. Rooms in other hostels of the campus are intended for two or three persons. These hostels are of apartment type. Every apartment is for 3-5 persons and has a shower room and a lavatory.

On the territory of the campus there are food shops, 10 cafes of national Indian, Malaysian, Chinese and Arabic cuisine, several Internet-cafes, public telephones, a laundry, a sports ground and a special place for barbecue cooking. There is also a taxi park near the campus.

In Hotel No. 4 there is an electronic reading hall where students may visit the University site and get an approach to all the teaching and methodical manuals necessary to prepare for classes and exams.


COURSE & PERIOD OF STUDY MD (Doctor of Medicine)
MD – 6 years, MS – 2 years
RECOGNITION Recognized by Medical Council of India, General Medical Council of Medicine, U.K., U.S.Education Department and WHO.

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