Lagansk State Medical University


Ukraine is a country in the south part of Central Europe. The territory of Ukraine is the largest in Europe. Its history spans more than a thousand years. It gained Independence from the collapsing Soviet Union in late 1991. Ukraine is likely to join European Union by 2007.

It borders on Russia, Byelorussia, Moldova, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and Poland on land, and Russia, Gerogia, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey on Sea. Ukraine is one of the world’s main centers of sugar production.

The East Central Region of Ukraine is the industrial heartland of the country and one of the major heavy industrial and mining- metallurgical complexes of Europe. It is famous in Europe for its’ abundant wheat production.


LUGANSK is situated on the East of Ukraine. It is one of the biggest cities of the Country and its population counts about half a million people. Environs of the city abound with picturesque sites of Nature. Lugansk is a high scientific and cultural center.

Lugansk State Medical University (LSMU) is a modern Higher Educational Institution, founded in 1956. And is one of the Oldest Universities in Ukraine. It is opened as an Institution but later in 1994 it is upgraded to a University. It is supported by The Lugansk District Central Hospital, which is a 2000 bedded Hospital, equipped with the latest equipment such as Ultrasound, Color Dropler, Spiral CT Scan, MRI etc. The University is recognised by the World Health Organisation and also by the Medical Council of India. About 14,000 specialists have graduated from this University, including 700 doctors from 52 countries all over the World. High level of education allows them to work in many countries of the World and to achieve great success in science and practical medicine. There are a lot of scientists, managers of different hospitals, and prominent doctors among them


The Educational base of the University consists of its’ numerous Medical faculties established with semi- autonomous status. 600 teachers (with 60 Professors and 240 Candidates for Medical Sciences among them) provide the educational process.

23 departments and 9 courses of LSMU are located in 12 clinical hospitals of the city. Every year they serve 40,000 patients, treat 30,000 patients, and make about 5,000 planned and urgent operations.

More than 14,000 Specialists have graduated from the LSMU.

The highly qualified teaching staff includes many graduates of the University, including the Rector, 5 Vice-Rectors, 6 Deans, 54 Heads of the Departments.

LSMU has a good facility for students to lean on bodies and has a high-tech specimen prussum for student to study Anatomy & other subjects. Class rooms are well decked with video projects & slide projectors to inform students in wide & spacious lecture halls.

8-10 students form a group for lectures to individually monitor their performance. 4 groups come together to form a Batch of 30-35 students for lectures, seminars or conferences.


  • Well equipped hostels with individual dormitories to foreign students are provided. Adequate Security is present in the Hostels premises. Some hostels are in Block system which have single & double rooms with attached kitchens and bathrooms. All hostels are provided with central heating & hot water during winter and round the year supplying cooking gas.
  • Students areprovided with beds, bed sheets, curtains, blankets, cooking ranges, tables and chairs and refrigerators. Hostels are located around the campus.
  • During college hours, Institute has a canteen which provides quality food at subsidised rates.  

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COURSE & PERIOD OF STUDY MD (Doctor of Medicine)
MD – 6 years, MS – 2 years
RECOGNITION Recognized by Medical Council of India, General Medical Council of Medicine, U.K., U.S.Education Department and WHO.

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