V.Rajaram, the Managing Partner of the firm is a first class Chemical Engineer with Post Graduate degree from Higher Institute of Chemical Technology, Sofia , Bulgaria . As a research scholar, he presented the thesis on “Alternative building component material – Wood Polymers” and won the best student award of the faculty. He was twice elected General Secretary to the ‘International Foreign Students Social Solidarity Friendship Association’ of Sofia , and had also represented as Bureau member of ‘Foreign Students Welfare Association’ of Bulgaria .

Soon after studies, he established his own office of international trade in Sofia , and toured the European countries extensively, gaining valuable trade experience and contacts, and also gained mastery and conversance in Slavic group of languages like Bulgarian, Yugoslavian, and Russian etc.

He is the member of “Indian Association of Friendships with Foreign Countries” (IAFFC) which is having more than three and a half decades of experience in promoting goodwill and friendly relations with foreign countries, and comprises Chapters opened with 21 countries.

In 1995, he established a Cement Industry in the backward region of Mahabubnagar District in Andhra Pradesh , India implementing latest technology, and unique laboratory methods, and creating employment and development to the locality. He is a successful Industrialist having 12 years of experience and excellence in Cement Industry, having achieved high quality standards, a unique brand image, and a well-established identity in the market.


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