Liaoning Medical University


Jinzhou is the central city of west part of Liaoning Province along the Bohai Bay, located in the northeast China. It only takes a drive of 4 and a half hour to reach Beijing.

Jinzhou is an ancient town with a thousand-year history. Green mountains and blue water add more glamour to this beautiful city. The natural scenery and valuable historic heritage make Jinzhou a hot tourist city of Liaoning Province.

It has a geographically advantageous location with a coast-line of some 100 kilometers. Jinzhou Harbor is China’s first open trade port in the northeast part. It is a flourishing commercial city and modern international port. It is the communication hub linking the northeast and north China.

Jinzhou comprises of 5 universities and colleges, 22 scientific research institutes with 100 thousand professional staffs, which ranked the third place in Liaoning Province. China’s first female riot police force was set up by the Public Security Bureau in Jinzhou city in 2003.


Liaoning Medical University was founded in 1946.

Liaoning Medical University is one of the higher provincial schools in the western part of Liaoning Province. In 2006, with the approval of the State Council of China, the former name Jinzhou Medical University was changed after the name of the province as Liaoning Medical University.

Approved by the Academic Degrees Committee under the State Council, LMU became a university in 1999. Since 2003, this university has been qualified to grant Master’s degree to clinical medical graduate students.

The campus covers 1,140,000 square meters and lies in the north of the city. Six kinds of education are offered in LMU: general high education, state-owned privately run education, adult education, vocational education, online education and international students` education. The university enrolls undergraduate, graduate and master as well as postgraduate students. There are 16 teaching departments, 98 teaching offices, 56 teaching laboratories, 4 affiliated comprehensive hospitals and 169 bases for teaching and practice.


The university has set up 17 secondary level teaching units and 10 research centers. There are 14 branches of learning, which can grant master degrees, 35 specialized undergraduate subjects and three key subjects of provincial level.

The capacity of students is about 15000. Presently, there are 219 Professors or Chief Doctors, 533 Associated Professors, 74 with Doctor Degree, 315 with master degree etc. Most of the faculty for the undergraduate course consists of National and International Professors trained from USA, UK, Canada and Belgium. Hundreds of teachers and researchers, have won the honor of ‘Excellent Teacher and talented person with great abilities for science and technology’ by national government and local government, for their outstanding achievements. English as the medium of instruction for foreign students has started since last year. All classrooms are equipped with multimedia to facilitate easier and visual teaching methodologies.


There are 4 comprehensive hospitals and 169 teaching and practice bases, comprising nearly about 7000 beds. The affiliated hospitals are attached to the university and within the campus region. The clinical base for students pursuing Masters is sound. The graduate students are trained in General Hospital of People’s Armed Police in Beijing, Hospital 301 in Beijing, General Hospital of Aerospace in Beijing and General Hospital of Shenyang Military Command.


  • Human Anatomy And Embryology
  • Bone Surgery
  • Otolaryngology


  • Pharmacology

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  • Medicine Tissue Engineering Laboratory
  • Brain And Spinal Cord Injury Laboratory
  • Animal Products Quality And Safety Engineering Laboratory
  • Surgery Key Laboratory
  • Molecular Cell Biology And Drug Development Key Laboratory

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The university’s library has an advanced electronic reading room and has access to the retrieval system for medical documents from the American MEDLINE and the Chinese Medical Institute. At the same time, the university library provides a convenient studying environment for overseas students.


Students can borrow books at the reception desks on the respective floors. Books on natural science are to be found on the second floor of the library building, whereas books on Social Science are located on the fourth floor. You can use the computers next to the reception desks to find the book you want to borrow.


On the fifth floor of the library there is a periodical reading room, where you can read periodicals which are not allowed to be carried out of the library. On the third floor of the library there is an electronic reading room which is completely computerized and digitized. It contains millions of journals in Chinese and foreign languages.


There are departmental stores, restaurants, post office, telephone booths, theatres, sports centers, gymnasiums and play grounds for all types of sports within the university campus.

The Library in the campus is a modern construction having electronic audio-visual components and the internet facility. Huge volume of reference books, magazines and medical journals are made available besides text books in English medium.

  • Restaurants
  • Dormitories
  • Sports Facilities

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LMU has ties with overseas institutions, such as Toronto University, Laval University and New Fenland University in Canada, Saga University and Gunba University in Japan.

The number of student studying at the university totals 13,806 with approximately 140 being International students, all of whom are currently studying in the undergraduate program which is taught in the English language.

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 PG Specailites

s Basic Medical Sciences s Immunology
s Human Anatomy and Histology and Embryology
s Pathology and Pathologysiology s Pathogenic Biology
s Forensic Study s Radiology
s Aviation, Spaceflight and Marine Medicine s Internal Medicine
s Ophthalmology s Neurology
s Gynecology s Surgery
s Otorhinolorygology s Tumor Study
s Medical Imaging and Nuclear Medicine s Pharmacology
s Clinical Test and Diagnosis s Clinical Stomatology
s Microbiology and Biochemical Pharmacology s Epidemics and Medical statistics
s Biochemistry and Molecular Biology s Physiology

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  1. I like your article but i just wanna ask one quetion. Could u pls compare fujian med uni nd lianloing med uni? I wanna know wich is better. Thanks

  2. Hi, am Ankomah Maxwell from ghana. Please, i completed Health Assistant Training School in ghana and currently working as an Erolled Nurse. Please i would like to find out if i do collified to apply for MBBS at Liaoning Medical Univetrsity. Thanks alot, and hoping to here from u soon

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