Ternopil State Medical University


Ukraine is a country in the south part of Central Europe. The territory of Ukraine is the largest in Europe. Its history spans more than a thousand years. It gained Independence from the collapsing Soviet Union in late 1991. Ukraine is likely to join European Union by 2007.

It borders on Russia, Byelorussia, Moldova, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and Poland on land and Russia, Georgia, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey on sea.Ukraine is one of the world’s main centers of sugar production.The east central region of Ukraine is the industrial heartland of the country and one of the major heavy industrial and mining- metallurgical complexes of Europe.

Ternopil, an ancient picturesque city, lies on the banks of the quite river Seret, in the western Ukraine.

The city attracts by the combination of its new and old architecture and is famous for its cultural traditions. The rich expanse of green parks and tender islands of squares mark it as a garden city. A wonderful lake in the very center of the city creates a serene atmosphere of tranquility and comfort.Ternopil is a town of students. 25,000 young people are under graduates of the local universities, academies, technical schools, colleges. Tidy and elegant buildings of the I.Y.Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical Academy are located in the city center.


Ternopil State Medical Academy was founded in 1957.

In 1992, in recognition of high standards of education, Ternopil State Medical Academy was named after I.Y.Horbachevsky, the Ternopil born famous Ukarainian Biochemist.

In 1994, it received the highest IV Accreditation Degree, the license providing students to be trained at the Medical Faculty.

In 1997, it was awarded the status of the Academy. Since this year, foreign citizens have been studying as students and Clinical interns. In 2000-2001 academic year, 154 students and 18 clinical interns from 16 countries studied at the Academy.

In 2000, the Academy took the third place among all the Ukrainian Higher Medical Schools having the IV Accreditation level. So far, the Academy has trained about 13,000 Doctors, and 17,000 Specialists have improved their qualification at the Post Graduate Faculty.


The Educational Base of the Academy consists of 8 Buildings and 16 Medical Institutions.

The highly qualified teaching staff includes many graduates of the Academy, including the Rector, 4 Vice-Rectors, 5 Deans, 43 Heads of the Departments.

410 teachers (with 75 M.D. and 240 Candidates for medical sciences among them) provide the Educational process.

23 departments and 9 courses of TSMA are located in 12 Clinical hospitals of the city.

Every year they serve 30,000 patients, treat 20,000 patients, and make about 4,000 planned and urgent operations.

The Quality index of the Scientific Teaching Staff is 80.9% it being one of the highest indices among the Higher Medical Educational Establishments in Ukraine. The Academy is one of the best Higher Schools in Ukraine as for the number of the teachers with Scientific Degrees, this index being 75-85 percent within last 3 years.

The Students’ Scientific Society makes a great contribution to the treasure of scientific and technical achievements of the Academy. The students take an active part in the scientific work from the beginning of their studies. Scientific circles, united into the Students’ Scientific Society, successfully function at all the departments of the Academy.

Scientific conferences are periodically held at the Academy, the young researchers make their reports, share new achievements and ideas with their colleagues at the debate-club “Science today”


At the Academy, students are drawn to systematic sports training to improve their health. There is a sports building with 3 Gymnasiums, a skiing camp and qualified trainers.

The student hostels have ‘sports clubs’ and ‘sports rooms’ for indoor sports activities. Out door sports include Horse riding, Yachting, Boating etc.

Every year apart from Academy’s sports festivals, the combined team of the academy take part in varied sport mass events of the city and the region, and compete with the teams of the other educational establishments in friendly matches.

At their leisure, the students have the possibility to attend various sports sections, amateurs art circles (the brass band, the dancing ensemble, ensemble of folk instruments), the students’ theatre, picture gallery.

Student catering facilities are open every day from 7:30 Hrs till 21:00 Hrs and offer quality food at reasonable prices

Students are offered accommo- dation in one of the Academy’s comfortable hostels. Most accommodation consists of study bedrooms with shared bathroom and kitchen facilities.

COURSE & PERIOD OF STUDY MD (Physician) 6 years
RECOGNITION Approved by Medical Council of India (MCI), General Medical Council of U.K., U.S. Education Dept. and WHO .

Read more Info>>>http://medico-abroad.com/mw/ternopilloc.htm


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