Gomel State Medical University


Gomel lies in the southeast of Belarus on the borders of Russia and Ukraine. It is located on the right bank of the beautiful river Sozh.

Gomel is considered the second large commercial, industrial and manufacturing city and is also the cultural and sporting center for much of the region. It is also one of the biggest educational centers in Belarus having 7 institutions of higher learning, 11 specialized technical schools, 13 professional schools and 75 secondary schools in the city.

Gomel region experiences mild climate. Average temperature in winter is -5OC, and in summer it reaches upto 40oC.


Gomel State Medical University was founded in 1990.

This university prepared about 1500 Doctors from 54 Specialities.

More than 2000 students study at the facilities of the University. At present, foreign students from Egypt, Germany, India, Iran, Jordan, Nepal, Pakistan and Latin Americal countries are studying at the university.

The University has tie-up with medical universities of Scotland and Nagasaki(Japan). These universities mutually share video conferencing and exchange of information on latest advancements made in research activities.


At this University, 205 highly qualified Professors, Senior lecturers and Assistants are working in 31 Departments. Indian Professors and Senior lecturers are also employed in the faculties.

The clinical base of the University is one of the best in Belarus, where the advanced medical technologies on diagnosis and treatment of endocrinology, cardiology, immunology, hematology, opthalmology and oncology related diseases are applied. 18 large clinics equipped with the modern apparatus facilities the clinical training.

Some of the prestigious Chairs of the University:

  1. The Chair of Pediatric Disease – maintains a high standard of training of pediatric doctors majoring in neonatology, allergology, pediatric, hematology, neurology, pulmonology, cardiology, gastro-entrology with skills in modern methods of diagnostics and their prevention.
  2. The chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology – teaches the modern methods of diagnostics, prevention and treatment of gynecological diseases and that of obstetric operations.
  3. The chair of Laboratory diagnostics – trains specialists of immuno-diagnostics and detection of allergic affections.
  4. The chair of Oncology and Ray Diagnostics – trains highly qualified specialists in onco-gynecology and onco-urology, abdominal onco-surgery, radiologists and chemotherapists capable to use modern achievements in technologies of ray diagnostics.


  • Library has rich volumes of books, 3 reading halls, and also access to Internet.
  • Modern comfortable hostels with lounges, physical training room, sports base etc.,
  • The hostels have a reading hall, a washing room per block, and a TV room.
  • University provides the students with library and sporting facilities free of charge.
  • Two theaters, Circus, 7 Stadiums, Sporting complexes, Ice palace, 18 Swimming pools, Discos, Youth Cafes, Libraries, Museum and galleries build the basis of leisure, sports and intellectual perfecting of the students.
  • Students reductions up to 50% are available in public transportation and a range of cultural, entertaining and sports places.


COURSE & PERIOD OF STUDY MD (Doctor of Medicine)
MD – 6 years, MS – 2 years
RECOGNITION Approved by Medical Council of India (MCI), General Medical Council of U.K., U.S. Education Dept. and WHO .

Read more>>>>>>>http://medico-abroad.com/mw/gomelloc.htm


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